Welcome To The ABC Zoo

Welcome to The ABC Zoo, a zoo filled with many extraordinary animals. From Ally the Aardvark, who struggles to control his temper with a particularly frustrating friend, to Lester the Lion, who chases after a letter that always seems to be just out of reach, and Izzy, the tenacious Inchworm, who attempts to overcome the obstacle of her size to help another animal in need, you will encounter many charming characters in their own adventures.

The ABC Zoo series of books will introduce the reader to a letter of the alphabet as different animals embark on their own special adventure. Further books center around certain themes, with many of the animals lending their unique appeal to the storylines.

Each story can be enjoyed as a stand alone book without the need to be read as part of the series. Every couplet will conjure an assortment of images as you allow your mind to wander further into the magical world of The ABC Zoo.

Visit the "Theme Books" and "A-Z Books" areas of this site to see a list of titles currently written, along with links to read each one.

There are many possibilities for further books to be written to expand the series, as well as great potential for expansion into other areas, including an interactive website to further promote the books. If these books were to be published, this website would be available for promotion.

Far more than just educational books for young readers, these are books that children will want to pick up to read time and again because the stories are fun, interesting and captivating.